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Product Code : R9171D

Product Name: Carnotaurus

EAN Code: 6970442053459

English name: Carnotaurus

Order: Saurischia

Diet: meat

Date of birth: Latest cretaceous

Real size: 8 meters long and 3 meters high

Weight: 3 tons

Excavation site: Argentina

Distribution area: Patagonia, Argentina, South America


The head of a carnivorous cow resembles a cow, with small eyes with winglike pointed horns; The forelegs were very short, the hind legs were very long, and they were one of the longest leg ratios of any carnivorous dinosaur.Covered with thick, disk-like scales of similar size and shape.

Product size:43.5cm*13cm*21.4cm

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The fastest carnivore known, with an estimated speed of up to 14 meters per second, it had a small, thick skull with many holes to reduce weight and a large snout to absorb more oxygen.


What was the relationship between a carnivorous Bull and a cow?


No relationship, just because the Carnotaurus had a pair of ox-like winglike horns above their eyes.

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