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Product Code :RC16073D


Meaning:Arm lizard


Named by:Elmer Samuel Riggs



Period:Late Jurassic

Figure size:32,5cm x 9,5cm x 18,5cm (l x w x h)

Real size:85 ft long 50 ft tall.

Weight:30-45 metric tons

Excavated in:Western Colorado

Features:Small skull, long neck. In comparison with the rest a short body and tail. Longer front limbs then hind limbs.  Nostrils are on top of the head. A wide muzzle with spoon shaped teeth.

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Did you know?

The skull of the Brachiosaurus was loosely attached to the neck? Brachiosaurus was once believed to be a semi aquatic dinosaur?

QUESTION: What did Brachiosaurus eat?

ANSWER: Brachiosaurus probably fed on coniferous trees, gingkoes and cycads.

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