Caretta caretta

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Product Code :RC16042S

Name:Loggerhead sea turtle



Habitat:Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans,Mediterranean Sea.

Animal class:Reptile

Figure size:25,5cm x 29,5cm x 7,2cm (l x w x h)

Real size:70-95cm long, maximum upper shell length 213cm

Weight:80-545 kg

Conservation status:Vulnerable

Features:Each forelimb has a small claw, smaller hind flippers, a beaked skull and a  large

streamlined shell.

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Did you know?

Loggerheads crush prey with their large and powerful jaws?Projecting

scale points on the anterior margin of the forelimbs allow manipulation of the food? These points can be used as “pseudo-claws” to tear large pieces of food in the loggerhead’s mouth? The loggerhead will turn its neck sideways to consume the torn food on the scale points? Seaturtles cant retract their head and flippers into their shell?


What do Loggerhead sea turtles eat?


The loggerhead sea turtle is omnivorous, feeding mainly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates, such as gastropods, bivalves, and decapods. It has a greater list of known prey than any other sea turtle. Other food items include sponges, corals, sea pens, polychaete worms, sea anemones, cephalopods, barnacles, brachiopods, isopods, insects, bryozoans, sea urchins, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, starfish, fish (eggs, juveniles, and adults), hatchling turtles (including members of its own species), algae, and vascular plants.

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