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Product Code : R9172D

Product name: Dilophosaurus

EAN code: 6970442053466

English name: Dilophosaurus

Meaning: double-crowned lizard

Order: Saurischia

Diet: meat

Time: early Jurassic

Real size: 6 meters long and 2.4 meters high

Weight: 0.5 ton

Excavation site: lufeng,Yunnan, Arizona,

Distribution area: southwest China, USA

Product size :31cm*11cm*16cm

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Dilophosaurus also known as diplodocus, had a pair of round crowns at the top of its skull. These crowns were too fragile to be used as weapons, but were probably visual identifiers. The size of the crowns was related to sexual.

Did You know?

In the movie Jurassic park, the Dilophosaurus was described as having an exaggerated neck, a venomous, puppy-sized dinosaur like a Frilled Dragon.But in fact, Dilophosaurus didn’t have an umbrella and was a medium-sized carnivore dinosaurus much larger than a dog.


What’s the use of a Crest?


The Crest was fragile and unlikely to have been used for fighting, perhaps just as a show-off tool to attract mates during courtship, like the bright plumage of modern male birds.

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