Is the product age-appropriate?

It is not recommended for children under that age of 3 years.

What material is the product made of?

the product is made of roto-pvc (soft vinyl), which is a soft, elastic and not easy tobreak. The product is filled with  class A PP cotton, which ensures that the product is not proneto deformation. For increased safety the exterior is made of environment-friendly pigments.

Is the product safe and certified?

the product passes the international authoritative certification, passes the European Union CE certification,

the American ASTM certification, the Chinese 3C certification, guarantees the product safety.

Can children bite?

Our product is not intended as a gnaw-type or molar toy. and was not designed for that FDA standard.

Why are products so expensive?

The product is independently developed and designed, and the prototype is validated by professor at the University

of Birmingham in the UK. Production of high quality plastic injection mold to ensure product quality. And in the follow-up

sales operation input a lot of costs, provide after-sales security. Recur prices are competitive with those of comparable

products produced for the educational market.

What's the difference between recur and international brands schleich, papo and collecta?

the products of Schleich, Papo and Collecta are made using a solid medium that is heavy and can be brittle, while the models made by Recur are made with a soft enamel skin covering a lightweight class A anti-bacterial pp cotton making it both safe and child friendly.

Does the product fade?

normal use won't cause color loss, vigorously on the ground, the product have a drop in color.

Why not make something with sound?

RECUR product positioning gives priority to ensuring the quality, detailing and authenticity of the product to ensure educational value. The general range of sound toys in the market are rough and misleading, which is not conducive to children's learning and understanding of nature.

Are there any other models besides these?

RECUR currently has a Dinosaur series, Wildlife series, Ocean life series, Farm animal series, and a wide range of products. For details, please see the product album or log on to the official website www.recurtoys.com.