Feathered T.rex

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Product Code :R8120D


Name:Feathered T.rex


Meaning:Tyrant lizard






Period:Late Cretaceous


Figure size:L35cm*W10cm*H14.5cm


Real size:40 ft long, 12 ft the hips


Weight:Weight up to 10,2 metric tons.


Excavated in:Western Northern  America.



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Features:The head of T. rex is broad in maxilla and narrow in mandible, with conical teeth; the forelimbs are very small, the hind limbs are thick, and the body is covered with primitive feathers; it is located at the top of the food chain in the late Cretaceous.

Did you know?

The earliest ancestor of T. rex comes from the Late Triassic eosteal, which is only 90cm long and weighs only 5 to 7kg.


Why Tyrannosaurus Rex can dominate the dinosaur world?


Because the hairy dinosaurs had the largest and thickest head, cervical vertebrae, trunk and hind limbs in the carnivorous dinosaurs.



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