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Product Code : R9176D

Product name: Mamenchisaurus

EAN code: 6970442053503

English name: Mamenchisaurus

Meaning: the lizard of asvaghosa creek

Order: sauriscus

Diet: herbivorous

Time: late Jurassic

Real size: 22-26 m long, 15 m high

Weight: 20-55 tons

Excavation site: yibin asvaghosa creek

Distribution area: sichuan, xinjiang, China

Product size :40.5cm*8.5cm*15.5cm

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Large plant-eating dinosaur with a small skull, rod-shaped teeth, a long neck, a heavy spine, and rough articular surfaces.Its cervical spine is made up of many small bones held together, making it difficult to move the neck.

Did You know?

The neck of Mamenchisaurus was up to half of its body length. The body of the Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum excavated in xinjiang was 35 meters long, with the longest cervical vertebra 1.6 meters long and the neck an astonishing 17 meters long.


Why is it called Mamenchisaurus?


Professor Yang, who discovered this dinosaur, came from shaanxi. After the name was given, other researchers mispronounced “Maming creek” as “mamen creek” because of professor Yang’s accent. Since it has been recorded in various documents, it has been used to this day.

Mamenchisaurus  (1) Mamenchisaurus  (2) Mamenchisaurus  (3)

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