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Product no. : R9175D

Product name: Monolophosaurus

EAN code: 6970442053497

English name: Monolophosaurus

Meaning: lizard with a single crown

Order: Saurischia

Diet: meat

Time: mid-jurassic

Real size:6 meters long and 2 meters high

Weight: 0.5 ton

Excavation site: shishugou, xinjiang

Distribution: xinjiang, China

Product size :31 cm*8.5cm*14.7cm

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Monochirosaurus was a medium-sized theropod of the megalosaurus family.

The main features are the head skull long and thin, mouth is very narrow, the top of the head with a high ridge, the body is thin.

Did You know ?

Originally, monoguanosaurus was classified as a family of megalosaurus;

Later, fili coyle et al. proposed that monoguanosaurus was a kind of basic hard-tailed dinosaur;

In 2013, after re-study, monoguanosaurus returned to the megalosaurus

The life of monoguanosaurus is a series of twists and turns.


What does a single ridgeback mainly eat?


Although monoguanosaurus were carnivorous, they were too thin, light in bone and small in teeth to prey on large and medium-sized herbivores. They probably ate fish, small dinosaurs and carrion.

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