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Meaning:Lizard of the Meuse River


Named by:William Daniel Conybeare



Period:Late Cretaceous  

Figure size:41cm x 11,5cm x 7cm (l x w x h)

Real size:56 ft long

Weight:15 tonnes

Excavated in:St Pietersberg, Maastricht, The Netherlands 

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Features:Deep barrel shaped body, Jaws were armed with large conical teeth. Their paddle like limbs had five digits in front four in the back.

Did you know?

Mosasaurus gave live birth?? Had a flexible jaw much like snakes? It is thought mosasaurus probably was a surface hunter due to poor eyesight?? Mosasaurus had a varied diet? It preyed on fish and ammonites? It also ate other Mosasaurs? Eating own species is called cannibalism?

QUESTION: Is mosasaurus a mammal? A dinosaur? Or is it a reptile?

ANSWER: Mosasaurus is a true reptile, its closest relatives are Monitor lizards and Komodo dragons. 

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