Myth Series-Griffin

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Product name: griffin

EAN code: 6970442053381

English name: griffin

Meaning: half lion, half eagle beast

Attribute: western mythological creature

Diet: meat

Habitat: virtual world

Date of birth: 3000 BC


With the body and claws of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, it is a powerful and brave beast.

Product size :33.5cm*15.5cm*26.3cm

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Did You know?

In 1953, a griffin’s coat of arms was chosen as one of the ten heraldic animals carved for the coronation of queen Elizabeth ii.


Why are griffons made up of eagles andlions?


Because the lion and the eagle are respectively on the land and on the sky, both represent great power, is the symbol of the king.

Fairy tales:

The griffin, also known as griffin, is a winged griffin in Greek mythology that is believed to have been the product of a magical experiment by an ancient civilization.In western culture, the eagle is the king of birds and the lion is the king of beasts.Griffin means great power,It was said that the griffin was once domesticated by the dwarves and became their powerful fighting partner in the war against the orc army.

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