Myth Series-Lord of the ice

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Product Code : R9163M

Product name: Lord of the ice

EAN code: 6970442053398

English name: Lord of the ice -nord

Meaning: the ice dragon with three heads

Attribute: western mythological creature

Diet: meat

Habitat: virtual world

Date of birth: unknown


A dragon with three heads, each with an independent mind, with wings to fly, and with a mouth full of ice storms.

Product size :38cm*24cm*21.5 cm

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Did You know t?

In the classic Japanese monster film godzilla, his Nemesis, kydola, is a three-headed dragon.


Why wouldn’t a three-headed dragon die if one of its heads was cut off?

The answer:

In mythology, a three-headed dragon has the ability to regenerate, unless all three of its heads are chopped off at the same time.

Fairy tales:

Born out of the freezing cold, the three-headed dragon nord, capable of summoning unmatched snowstorms, is known as the king of ice, and along with the evil fire-breathing dragon golinich, represents the two poles of the primordial forces of the universe.

In ancient times, their battles lasted for tens of thousands of years, resulting in internecine loss and even climate change. The fire dragon hibernated in the depths of magma, while the ice dragon returned to the polar regions and rested in the desolate glaciers.

But it is not completely asleep, with its active volcanoes and melting glaciers heralding the return of its old foe and the return of the ice king.


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