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Bringing Chinese Toys to the World,Recur Toys Comprehensively Promotes Brand Globalization

Bringing Chinese Toys to the World,Recur Toys Comprehensively Promotes Brand Globalization

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Bringing Chinese Toys to the World,Recur Toys Comprehensively Promotes Brand Globalization

Suppose you suddenly want to eat apples and walk into a fruit store. There are apples that look similar, ranging from 8 RMB to 30 RMB per catty. If you can't try them, how would you choose? If you have a hard time choosing, it may just be because there are no brands you are familiar with among these apples.

In most cases, when consumers consume, in addition to paying the currency price of the commodity, they must also spend a certain cost in order to optimize the choice, and this part of the cost is called the "choice cost". The emergence of brands is to provide consumers with an exclusive category symbol, thereby effectively reducing the cost of consumers' choice.

Same as the question just now, what if this time you are no longer buying apples, but buying toys for your children?

According to the survey data jointly released by the China Toys and Baby Products Association and GfK (GfK) China, Chinese toy market accounted for 13% of the global market in 2017, with a scale of 60.7 billion. In addition, according to the data forecast of the China Investment Consulting Industry Research Center, from 2018 to 2022, the annual compound growth rate of Chinese toy market is about 9.16%, and by 2022, the toy market will reach 93.7 billion yuan.

Today, however, there are still only few well-known toy brands in China. The domestic mid-to-high-end market has long been occupied by international brands including Europe, America and Japan, and there are few Chinese toy brands that can export to these countries or regions.

Under the tide of consumption upgrading, the demand for toys by parent-child families is no longer just the toys themselves, but also the interaction methods and values behind them. The brand management of mid-to-high-end toys has also become an effective strategy to increase the added value of toys, improve the market recognition of toys, and reduce the operating costs of toys.

So how do we build Chinese mid-to-high-end toy brands? We may find the answer from the Chinese toy brand Recur, which has risen in the global market in recent years.

Create a selling point that can endorse the brand

At present, Chinese toy industry has established a series of perfect product standards, and these national standards are gradually perceived by more consumers. However, as a toy company positioned in the mid-to-high end, in addition to meeting the basic market entry threshold, it should also pursue higher quality and experience and refine it. These refined standards make it easier to define market positioning, form a competitive advantage, and enhance business value.

Toys under the new consumption trend must be based on the higher play experience value of parent-child families. In this regard, I believe Recur Toys also has a clear understanding. First of all, it makes the animal toys realistic enough, and the other is to make the products have better flexibility and texture through a series of processes, so as to distinguish them from similar toy brands, so that the products have the selling point of endorsement for the brand.




More precise brand positioning

Just as the high-speed rail will set up business seats, first-class seats, and second-class seats to meet the consumption needs of different consumer groups, the toy industry also needs to target market segments and accurately touch the pain points of consumers.

With the wave of domestic consumption upgrading, parent-child families have higher requirements for the quality and service of toys. After integrating information from multiple public channels, we can learn that Recur's product design, promotional materials, product packaging, and display design all maintain a unified overall tone. At the same time, it has carried out animal science tours in many cities to actively shorten the distance with users. This series of actions is conducive to building a brand image and creating a high-end and beautiful interactive experience.

The wave of internationalization of Chinese toy brands

James Chen, the founder of Recur, once said: "The spring of Recur is also the spring for Chinese brands to go global." As the world's leading simulation educational toy brand, Recur Toys has also been promoting the brand's international strategy and shaping the Chinese brand image. .

For example, at the beginning of 2019, the Recur team brought a number of new products to the largest and most well-known professional toy trading exhibition in the world - the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, showing the Made in China in the new era. Another output of positive energy from Chinese toy brands. For their brand, the biggest gain is to further develop international cooperation channels.




Looking at today's global toy market, popular international toy brands are still popular around the world, but it is not difficult to find that more and more Chinese toys have been integrated into parent-child families in more countries, so that the world can appreciate China in the new era. The brand has a deeper understanding.

I believe that the day when Chinese toys realize globalization will not be too far away.

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