Ocean Series-Blue whale

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  • Product CodeRC16095S

  • Name:Blue whale
  • Order: Cetacea
  • Diet:Carnivore
  • Habitat:Nearly all oceans of the world.
  • Animal class:Mammal
  • Figure size:35,8cm x 12,2cm x 6,2cm (l x w x h)
  • Real size:98 ft
  • Weight:173 tonnes

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Conservation status:Endangered


Features:Long,slim and narrow body. Series of pleats on their throats. Large tail with two


flukes. Two nostrils  on the top of their head.


Did you know? The series of pleats on its throat allows it to expand its throat to more than four times it’s normal size when the Blue Whale is feeding?


QUESTION: How many baleens do you think a blue whale has, and what are they used for?


ANSWER: There are up to 395 hard and bristle-like baleen plates that hang from the upper jaw and are used to filter food out of the water.

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