Negaprion queenslandicus

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  • Product CodeRC16093S

  • Name:queenslandicus
  • Order:Carcharhiniformes
  • Diet:Carnivore
  • Habitat:Tropical waters of the In do-Pacific
  • Animal class:Fish
  • Figure size:29cm x 13,6cm x 6,8cm (l x h x w)
  • Real size:12 ft long
  • Weight:183 kg

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Conservation status:Vulnerable


Features:A large, stocky, yellowish shark with a broad, blunt snout, narrow, smooth-cusped teeth


in both jaws, and equal-sized dorsal fins .


Did you know? A sluggish species, the sicklefin lemon shark is usually seen cruising sedately just above the sea bottom or lying still on it? As unlike most requiem sharks, it is capable of actively pumping water over its gills. However, it will approach the surface in pursuit of food.


QUESTION: Since it is a slow predator, is it dangerous?


ANSWER: Due to its formidable size and teeth, it is regarded as potentially dangerous, and


certainly this species has been known to defend itself quickly and vigorously if touched, speared, or otherwise provoked or alarmed.

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