Ocean Series-Humpback whale

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  • Product CodeRC16098S

  • Name:Humpback whale
  • Order:Cetacea
  • Diet;Carnivore
  • Habitat:oceans and seas around the world
  • Animal class:Mammal
  • Figure size:29,5cm x 19,5cm x 11,5 cm (l x w x h)
  • Real size:39-52 ft long
  • Weight:36000 kg

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Conservation status:Least Concern

Features:The body is thickest in the middle and tapers down towards the head and flukes. The whales back is largely flat with a small dorsal fin located down the far side of its back.

Two large pectoral fins. Two blowholes on the head.

Did you know?

It has two blowholes on its head? Because the humpback is a baleen whale it possess baleen plates

instead of teeth?The baleen plates have bristles attached to them that act as a catchers mitt for capturing various small prey.

QUESTION: Where did the name humpback came from?

ANSWER: When swimming the humpback may arch its back and flukes causing its back to look like a large hump.

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