Ocean Series-Whale shark

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  • Product CodeRC16092S

  • Name:Whale shark
  • Order:Orectolobiformes
  • Diet:Carnivore
  • Habitat:Open waters of the tropical oceans
  • Animal class:Fish
  • Figure size:30cm x 13,2cm x 8,5cm (l x h x w)
  • Real size:Up to 41,5 ft
  • Weight:Up to 21,5 tonnes

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Conservation status:Endangered

Features:Whale sharks have five large pairs of gills. The head is wide and flat with two small eyes at the front. The whale shark has three prominent ridges along its sides. The shark has a pair of

dorsal fins and pectoral fins.  And a large tailfin.

Did you know?

Juveniles’ tails have a larger upper fin than lower fin, while the adult tail becomes semilunate? Their skin is marked with pale yellow spots and stripes which are unique to each individual? The whale shark’s spiracles are just behind its eyes.

QUESTION: Such a big shark, is it dangerous?

ANSWER: No its harmless, its a filter feeder. With a wide open mouth it feeds on plankton and krill.

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