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Product Code : R9173D


Meaning:Egg thief


Named by:Henry Fairfield Osborn



Period:Late Cretaceous

Figure size:27.3cm x 9cm x14.5cm (l x w x h)

Real size: 6-8ft long 4-5ft high

Weighed:58 kg

Excavated in:Mongolia

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Features:The lower jaw was curved up, it had No teeth except a pair of teeth in the roof of its mouth. The eyes were large, and it probably had a head crest. It had large grasping hands. The largest claw was on the third finger. Its feet had four toes.

Did you know?

The jaw of the oviraptor was so powerfull ot could break mollusks? The name oviraptor was given because it was thought fossil remains were found on Protoceratops eggs, later to be regognized as Oviraptor eggs? So it probably hatched its eggs?

QUESTION: Did Oviraptor really had an egg only diet?

ANSWER: No , altough it probably also could have eaten eggs, a lizard fossil has been found in its stomach. 

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