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Product Code :RC16009D 




Meaning:Near crested lizard




Named by:William Park






Period:Late Cretaceous


Figure size:25cm x 7,5cm x 11,5cm (l x w h)


Real size:31 ft long, 9 ft high at the hips.


Weight:2,5 tonnes


Excavated in:Alberta, New Mexico, Utah


Features:Duck billed dinosaur with long bony crest on its head.



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Did you know?

Parasaurolophus was a hardosaurid? Its a group of dinosaurs known for their bizarre head adornments. The crest on its head is hollow, with distinct tubes leading from each nostril to the end of the crest before reversing direction  and heading back down the crest and into the skull. This was for making sound?

QUESTION: what does a parasaurolophus sounded like?

ANSWER: make a bowl with your hands and close them around your mouth and nose lower your voice and sound like a misthorn.

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