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Product Code :RC16040D


Meaning:Toothless wing


Named by:Othniel Charles Marsh



Period:Late Cretaceous

Figure size:67,5cm x 20cm x 40cm (l x w x h)

Real size:Wingspan over 20 ft, 6 ft tall at the hips.

Weight:20-93 kg

Excavated in:western Kansas

Features:A toothless beak and on the skull a big crest. Two big wings. Three claws on top of the wing and a

elongated finger on which the wing is attached.

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Did you know?

That Pteranodon walked on four legs? They found Pteranodon tracks? Pteranodon probably took off from a

standing, quadrupedal position?Using their long forelimbs for leverage, they would have vaulted themselves

into the air in a rapid leap?Almost all of the energy would have been generated by the forelimbs? The

upstroke of the wings would have occurred when the animal cleared the ground followed by a rapid

down-stroke to generate additional lift and complete the launch into the air?


What use did Pteranodons crest have?


It was used for display, only males had large crests, females had a smaller round one.

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