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Product Code :RC16113D


Meaning:Swift lizard


Named by:José Fernando Bonaparte



Period:Late Cretaceous

Figure size:22,3cm x 8cm x 12,5 cm (l x w x h)

Real size:4 ft long* 3 ft tall*

Weight:150 kg

Excavated in:Argentina

Features:Long tail to keep Velocisaurus in balance, long arms,

hands with a longer claw, and two strong legs.*


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Did you know?

There is not much known about Velocisaurus? The first time

it was discovered its claw was put on its feet? Later to be

corrected to be a hand claw? It is thought it is omnivorous

due to its straight handclaw? It is thought it has a running


QUESTION: How do Scientists know what incomplete fossil dinosaurs looked like?

ANSWER: Like Velocisaurus there are a lot of incomplete fossils, Velocisaurus is known from few

fossils (footbones, claws and femur), they search for dinosaurs that are

closely related to the species and calculate how it might look.

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