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Product Code :RC16114D


Meaning:Roofed lizard


Named by:Othniel Charles Marsh



Period:Late Jurassic

Figure size:24,7cm x 8,5cm x 12,8cm (l x w x h)

Real size:26-29 ft long 9 ft high.

Weight:Over 4,5 metric tons

Excavated in:Colorado

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Features:Large, heavy build dinosaur with rounded back, short fore limbs, long hind limbs, small skull. Broad upright plates on its back, and four menacing spikes on its tail.

Did you know?

Scientists long thought Stegosaurus had a brain that was walnut sized? But it actually looked like a bent hot dog? The plates on its back served for display? The head was relatively low due to the the short fore limbs? This means he could gobble up low vegetation easily? He had round peglike teeth? And cheeks which gave room to store food?

QUESTION: Why did Stegosaurus had spikes on its tail?

ANSWER: It was used as defence against predators or rivals.

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