T-REX-Huge Size

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Product Code: R9180D

Product Name:T-REX

Meaning:Tyrant lizard

Color: Green

Product Size:68x32x28(W×D×H)CM

Huge Size for Collectable Market.

Carton Size:63x61x31(L×W×H)CM

Real size:40 ft long, 12 ft long at the hips

Weighed:Weighed up to 10,2 metric tons.



 Be prepared for Rexy!

Dinosaur World Ⅲ: Domination incoming Jun. 2022!



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10 Fun Facts about T-rex

1) The T. Rex roamed the planet during the Late Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago, in what’s now the USA and Canada.

2) The name Tyrannosaurus Rex comes from Greek and Latin words meaning ‘Tyrant Lizard King’.

3) The terrific T. Rex was a seriously big beast, growing up to 12m long and 6m tall!

4) These fearsome prehistoric creatures were carnivores, feasting on the flesh of the unfortunate animals they caught.

5) Equipped with a set of 50-60 banana-sized teeth, these expert eaters could rip almost 100kg of flesh off their victims in a single chomp!

6) The T. Rex was super smart too, boasting a brain twice as big as those of the other giant carnivores.

7) Scientists believe the Tyrannosaurus Rex could run at speeds of up to 20km/h. Whilst they were by no means the fastest dinosaurs (some could sprint at 60km/h), they’d still be able to catch most humans. Yikes!

8) This deadly dinosaur’s two tiny, clawed arms (less than one meter in length) remain a bit of a mystery to this day. Many scientists think they may have been used to help these skilled hunters to grab and slash their prey.

9) More than 20 almost-complete t rex skeletons have been found. The most perfect, nicknamed Sue, was unearthed in South Dakota, USA, 20 years ago.

10) And Sue doesn’t come cheap! In 1997, the super skeleton was sold to a museum in Chicago for around £5 million. Whoa!



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