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Product Code: R9177D

Product name: Therizinosaurus

EAN code: 6970442053510

English name: Therizinosaurus

Meaning: sickle lizard

Order: sauriscus

Diet: herbivorous (controversy)

Time: late cretaceous

Real size: 8-11 m long and 6 m high

Weight: 6-6.5 tons

Location: Mongolia

Distribution: north China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan

Product size :20cm*11.5cm*23cm


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With a small head and beak, as well as a long neck, the most striking features is three large sickle shape finger claws on the hands, which are long, curved and narrow.

Did You know? 

Despite its fearsome appearance, Therizinosaurus live on plants.The reason for this is that the toothless beak, ridged teeth, and cheek pouches on both cheeks of sickleback were effective at eating plant leaves, but not meat.

Question:What is the use of the finger claw of the Therizinosaurus?

Answer:They use large finger claws to push leaves into their mouths, or to resist predators (like tyrannosaurus rex of the time), or to fight off competition within the species (perhaps for territory or courtship).These finger claws may also have a combination of these functions.

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