Tyrannosaurs.Rex-Light Green

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Product Code :RC16039D-LG

Name:Tyrannosaurus Rex


Meaning:Tyrant lizard




Named by:Henry Fairfield Osborn






Period:Late Cretaceous


Figure size:58cm x 28cm x  43cm (l x w x h)


Real size:40 ft long, 12 ft long at the hips


Weight:Weight up to 10,2 metric tons.


Excavated in:Western Northern  America.


Features:Two tiny arms containing two fingers, a large head, and 60 bone crushing teeth.

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Did you know?

That scientists still are debating if the T-Rex was an active hunter or a scavenger?The Trex often roars loudly in movies,but probably couldnt make that sound due to its vochal chords? And probably sounded more like an Emu  or Ostrich. The jaw of a T-rex could break bones?


How could T-rex stand up after he fell down?


Despite the fact that the arms of the T-rex are very small. They were so powerfull he could use them to stand up again.



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