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Product no.:R9179D


Meaning:Spine lizard


Named by:Ernst Stromer



Period:Middle Cretaceous

Figure size:28.5cm×9cm×13.1cm (l x w x h)

Real size:41-59 ft long 19 ft high including its large sail.

Weight:20,9 tonnes

Excavated in:Egypt

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Features:A long and narrow skull with a narrow snout filled

with straight conical teeth. Another

feature is the large sail on its back.

Did you know? The Spinosaurus probably ate fish as well as land dwellers? The sail on its back were

long extensions of the vertrebrae?Spinosaurus had a small crest above its eyes? Its

uncertain where Spinosaurus used its sail for? Display or thermal regulation?

QUESTION: is the Spinosaurus a water animal or a land dweller.

ANSWER: Both awnsers are true.


Spinosaurus Spinosaurus (3) Spinosaurus (2)

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