Unicorn Whale

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Product Code :R8142S

Name:Unicorn Whale



Habitat:Atlantic and Arctic waters

Animal class:Mammal

Figure size:25,5cm x 6cm x 4,5cm (l x w x h)

Real size: 13ft to16 ft

Weight: 8001600kg

Conservation status:Endangered


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Features:he head of narwhal is small and round, the beak is not obvious, the forehead is protruding, there is no dorsal fin, the abdomen is pale or white; the head protrudes 2-3 meters long spiral teeth; it preys on benthos in winter and feeds on Arctic cod and flatfish in summer.

Did you know? The longer and thicker the teeth are, the higher their status in the whale group.

QUESTION: What are the natural enemies of narwhals?

ANSWER: The natural enemies of the narwhal include killer whales, walruses, sharks and polar bears; but the biggest natural enemies are humans, whose slaughter is far higher than that of animals.

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