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If you could be friends with these 12 marine animals, remember to chat with them at the top of the most mundane things.
If you bring together prehistoric overlords of different periods and different nirvanas, guess what? Come, let me show you, 12 prehistoric animals from RECUR with the same name scene!
12 small animals together, it is a big animal world. If you don't play with them seriously, you won't find the little beauty between them~
Once you have RECUR 12 cute cats and dogs, you will find that, Loving them with just one heart is not enough at all!
They come from RECUR and also from all over the world. How about it? Do you love these six little animals?
If wild animals also have a circle of friends, they will also take pictures with each other and bask in the sun, right? !
These six marine animals are extraordinary, because they are from RECUR! They are such a group, the more you know, the more you will want to play with them~
6 marine animals from RECUR, they are all sparkly slash buddies! If they let you see these silly performances, it means they treat you as a good friend!
These 6 prehistoric animals are combined together! With RECUR's 6 prehistoric animals in cylinder B, you can also play until the sky is dark!
How about, do you want all of these 6?Shh, make no mistake! Together they are"RECUR 6 Prehistoric Animals in a Cylinder Pack A"!
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