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Freezing a city by one breath? Yes, you heard that right, because this is the frozen king from RECUR - Nord!
Thunder Loong: Lightning and thunder, the roar of thunder loong. Over the rainforest of the eastern world, on the night of thunder and lightning, it is the territory of the thunder loong.
Fire Loong: It sleeps in the magma of the southwest volcanic area all the year round, and its body is full of flames, and its mouth can breathe fire.
Wind Loong: In the frozen land of the North Pole, the wind loong can be seen soaring in the ice and snow and the wind, summoning the wind, is the housekeeping skill of the Aeolosaurus.
Water Loong: Some people have seen his traces in the southern waters, the whole body is blue, he can call cyclones, and the waves are violent in an instant.
Rock Loong:Hidden in a giant rock island in the northwest, with a hard armor and MAX resistance.
Bright Dragon: It is said that he lives on Bright island in the center of the world, but almost no one has seen that island.As soon as it appeared, it was radiant.
The Devil Loong carries highly poisonous all over its body, and wherever it passes, no grass grows. It seriously pollutes the earth,its whereabouts are bizarre and incomprehensible.
Griffin is a powerful king who can go to heaven and earth. And RECUR's cool western dragon - Griffin is not only different, but also outstanding.
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