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Mamenchisaurus does not have long legs, but has a long neck, which is over 20 meters long, and the long neck accounts for almost half of its body.
Don't think that its long crown is just for beauty, it can be used for many functions, it can be used to regulate body temperature.
In order to make Brontosaurus popular, a lot of gimmicks were created for it. What is walking shaking the sky and making a sound like thunder.
The Therizinosaurus from RECUR is very different! Be careful with the Therizinosaurus , if you are not careful, your heart will be harvested by it!
In the Jurassic period when the dinosaur race was at its peak, the Stegosaurus with negative fighting skills and cumbersome, its popularity was able to slaughter the dinosaur circle.
Do you know why it's called a monolophosaurus?Because it has a single crown! Haha, it's that simple and straightforward~
Looking at the name, do you think that the egg-stealing dragon is designed to steal eggs? The truth is not like this, other people's eggs are their own! Just misunderstood!
Neptune, just the name shows how domineering it is! No, RECUR's cool dinosaur toy-Neptunosaurus is a dragon that leaks domineering!
It is very likely that it was the first creature to dominate the earth.If you feel incredible, Then come and learn about RECUR's cool marine animal toy - Dunkleosteus terrelli!
When you get to know RECUR's cool dinosaur toy-Liroodon, you will especially want to beat it vigorously to wake it up: Can you be more Buddha-pointed?
When you have RECUR's cool dinosaur toy - Giganotosaurus, you can start making Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus battle!
Let me explain my identity and appearance all at once~It is a carnivorous dinosaur with two sharp horns on its head, like a bull's head.
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