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Three soft bullet guns with 24 rounds of bullets + 3 goggles + 3 wrist straps + 1 target, Richer accessories make playing more fun.
Two soft bullet guns with 16 bullets + 2 goggles + 2 wrist straps + 1 target, rich accessories
After special debugging, the range of the soft bullet can reach 20m, easily hitting distant targets.
Too fierce will make you look horrible? The Tyrannosaurus Rex from RECUR said "Don't judge me with stereotypes"!
Brachiosaurus has a colorful life~ If you have a Brachiosaurus, play with it and find multiple companions for it!
It is a pterosaur, not a dinosaur, but it can occupy a place in the dinosaur circle because of its unique charm.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex from RECUR can be said to be one of the few Buddhist Tyrannosaurus rex. You can tell by looking at its earthy color.
If you bring together prehistoric overlords of different periods and different nirvanas, guess what? Come, let me show you, 12 prehistoric animals from RECUR with the same name scene!
Mamenchisaurus does not have long legs, but has a long neck, which is over 20 meters long, and the long neck accounts for almost half of its body.
Don't think that its long crown is just for beauty, it can be used for many functions, it can be used to regulate body temperature.
In order to make Brontosaurus popular, a lot of gimmicks were created for it. What is walking shaking the sky and making a sound like thunder.
Triceratops is also one of the last dinosaurs to appear and is regarded as the representative fossil of the Late Cretaceous.
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